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102 Acre
Liberty Ranch
Lot 15

About Lot 15

Experience the serenity of the 102+ acre LGND Ranch, a private retreat nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country. Perched above Texas's largest water aquifer, the ranch is bordered by over 15,000 acres of untouched, pristine land, safeguarded from commercial development. All this natural beauty is just a 30-minute drive from the lively downtown Austin. 


We've collaborated with dedicated conservation groups to preserve the ranch’s land and the adjacent 21,000 acres, creating a lasting haven for local wildlife and flora. We're humbled to be stewards of this hallowed Native American ground and are committed to its enduring protection.


The ranch's landscape is painted with windswept oaks and undulating pastures, offering tranquil vistas against the distant buzz of downtown Austin. Several hilltops and open meadows dot the property, serving as untouched bird habitats and a refuge for abundant local wildlife. Legacy live oaks, post oaks, and thickets of mountain laurels bestow a breathtaking beauty, providing natural shelter for the rich wildlife.


Liberty Ranch Lot 15 is more than a property; it's an opportunity steeped in Native American heritage, wrapped within a sanctuary and retreat. This unique experience offers tranquility and a tangible connection to the land's rich history - a true haven for the fortunate few.

Beauty From Gate To Gate

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